Finals Week

Finals Week: Updates for Scanning & Scoring

The Scanning Room staff at BEST score a significant portion of final exams on the IUB campus. Given the large volume of exams, we are asking for your help so we may continue to provide you with seamless service. Following the steps below will ensure that your results are processed without delay.

Be Prepared:
Please be sure to complete the new Scanning & Scoring Request (Cover Sheet) prior to dropping off your exams. Please note that exams cannot be processed without a cover sheet and that all information on the cover sheet is required. Download your copy here.

Alternate Forms:
IMPORTANT: The use of Alternate Forms is only available for exams with an even number of questions and must be applied to the entire exam.


The DigitalDesk scoring platform allows for the use of alternate forms. The options available to instructors are outlined below.

Alternate Forms Options

Scanning Room Hours:
Extended hours will be offered once again during Finals Week. The Scanning Room will be open for scanning and scoring as follows:

Spring 2018 Finals Week Hours
Monday, April 3010am - 5pm
Tuesday, May 18am - 6pm
Wednesday, May 28am - 6pm
Thursday, May 38am - 6pm
Friday, May 48am - 6pm
Saturday, May 59am - Noon

BEST has made additional tools available to help you navigate DigitalDesk once you've received your results. Access instructional videos and an updated user's manual on the DigitalDesk page of our website.

If you have questions about scanning services, please contact the Scanning Room staff at (812) 855-3357 or call the BEST office at (812) 855-1595.