About BEST

As of July 1, 2018, BEST can no longer accept cash as payment for test fees, proctor fees, or parking permits. Please see our Announcements page for accepted payment methods. 

Indiana University Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) is a division of the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. We assist faculty, students and administrators with assessment, evaluation and testing.

We administer a wide variety of national, institutional and computer-based exams in conjunction with national test organizations and Indiana University academic departments. Our testing services include placement exams, standardized testing and proctored exams.

We offer scanning services for the scoring of tests, surveys and evaluation instruments.


Assessment, evaluation, and testing are essential processes in teaching and learning. IU Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) helps IU faculty, students, and administrators with these activities through:

  • Partnership with campus units and individual faculty concerning the assessment of student learning, evaluation of teaching, and educational surveys.
  • Research and development of technologies used for testing and evaluation.
  • Development and maintenance of a system for online course questionnaires.
  • Administration and proctoring of online placement tests, academic course exams, and national standardized tests.
  • Scanning of tests, surveys, as well as summative and formative assessments.