OCQ Reports

What types of reports are created?

There are three types of reports the OCQ BEST team creates:

  • Individual
  • Combined
  • Departmental


An individual report is created for every section (except cross-listed/joint-listed courses). The faculty member teaching the course and the department administrators from the department the course falls under will have access to the report. If the course is taught by more than one person, a report will be created for each individual that only shows the individual’s results. If the faculty member adds additional questions using the Question Personalization feature, only the faculty member’s individual report will show the results to the added questions. Department administrators will not have access to the results of faculty added questions. The individual reports are the first type of reports to be created and generated. These are completed in batches, so the individual reports will roll out over a period of time.


Combined reports are created automatically for all cross-listed/joint-listed courses. Combined reports are the second type of report created and generated after individual reports. Individual reports will not be created for the individual sections that are part of a cross-listed/joint-listed course. This policy is in place to help protect the identity of students who are enrolled in a section with low enrollment. Combined reports can be created for courses that are not cross-listed/joint-listed upon request.


Departmental reports are the final type of report created and generated. These reports show the quantitative results for all courses that share a common department code. Department administrators have access to these reports.