BEST provides a variety of services available for faculty, students, and administrators, including the Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ), Testing, Scanning, and assistance in transitioning from paper to electronic evaluations.

Online Course Questionnaire

IU Bloomington's Online Course Questionnaire was developed to centralize and standardize the course evaluation process.The Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) consists of 11 campus-wide questions that students are asked to answer about each class they take. Each department and instructor may ask additional questions to get the most out of the OCQ. Faculty members receive a report that summarizes the students’ feedback for each class taught. Results are distributed only after grades have been submitted.

Scanning Services

BEST charges for all scanning except course exams and course evaluations. Depending on the purpose and complexity of the project, there may be a charge for assistance in developing survey forms.


DigitalDesk is a suite of tools that gives instructors more power and flexibility over their scored exams and the data generated. Faculty now have the option to update answer keys, add bonus points, partial credit and rescore exams without rescanning score sheets. A long awaited feature to transfer grades from scored exams directly to Canvas is now available through DigitalDesk.

Transitioning Services

Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) offers the opportunity for faculty and academic units to migrate their paper midterm evaluations to the online system that hosts Online Course Questionnaires (OCQ).