Formative Feedback

Formative Feedback

Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) offers the opportunity for faculty and academic units to migrate their paper midterm evaluations to the online system that hosts Online Course Questionnaires (OCQ). Faculty interested in collecting meaningful data to inform instruction now have up to three options (two of which are online) to collect these data.

The first option is to use Online Midterm Feedback, which is the same software used for the OCQ. With this option, the academic unit and faculty can select questions just as they would on the OCQ. For additional information on Online Midterm Feedback, contact BEST at

The second option is to use BluePulse—a formative feedback tool that allows faculty to collect ongoing data on course objectives, outcome assessments, teaching techniques and more! This tool facilitates anonymous two-way conversations between the student and faculty to improve student success and inform mid-stream course adjustments. BEST is currently partnering with the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) to pilot and offer BluePulse. Faculty have the opportunity to work with CITL to analyze student feedback data and receive guidance in creating an individualized action plan for the course. For more information about BluePulse contact CITL at

The third option is to use the paper-base method.

If you currently use BluePulse and have navigation and/support questions, please contact BEST