Optical scanning can simplify data collection from tests, surveys, and other types of observation. Respondents can record information directly on forms compatible with Scantron scanners, or the researcher can transfer hand-written data to machine-readable forms. In either case, the data can be scanned and stored in an electronic format suitable for analysis via Excel, SPSS, etc.

Multiple-choice exams completed on "bubble" sheets can be scored by BEST. In addition, the Digitek II scoring program provides an item analysis that can be useful in improving test items.

BEST charges for all scanning except course exams and course evaluations. Depending on the purpose and complexity of the project, there may be a charge for assistance in developing survey forms.

Scanning Room Hours

The regular scanning room hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00pm. Extended hour are available during the end of semester rush. Please check the Home Page at those times for announcements regarding those hours.

For any other information concerning the Scanning Room hours or services you may call (812) 855-3357.

Scanning Rates

The scanning of IU course and placement exams are provided at no cost to faculty and academic departments on the Bloomington campus. Certain scanning services have been determined to fall within recharge center guidelines as set forth by IU Financial Management Services/Cost Accounting and generally accepted accounting principles. These include:

  • Form sales
  • Scanning of paper multi-op course evaluations (Form Bs and Cs) for IU regional campuses
  • Scanning and analysis of assessments, surveys, and specialized reports for non-IU academic courses, conferences, events, and research/grants
  • Programming of new scannable forms as requested

These services will no longer be charged at an all-inclusive per sheet or per report amount. Consequently, these charges will now be based on the actual cost of forms, if provided by BEST, and the actual labor costs incurred by BEST staff to provide the requested services.

Additional inquiries may directed to James Stewart, Data Services Manager, Scanning Room.

Test Scoring & Data Analysis

Multiple-choice tests administered with machine-readable (bubble) answer sheets can be scored with BEST's high-speed optical scanner. Instructors receive a report that includes an alphabetical roster with raw scores, T-scores, percentile rank, score distributions, and an item analysis. The report is usually available within 24 hours or 1 business day after the test sheets and answer key are delivered to the scanning room (Eigenmann Hall 324 West, (812) 855-3357).

Instructors should consult the Digitek User's Manual before submitting their first group of answer sheets for scanning. The manual contains detailed instructions for marking answer keys, alternate forms (which allows one answer key to be used for scoring up to four differently ordered forms), and for interpreting the Digitek report.

The 5-option NCS "General Purpose Answer Sheets" used by the Digitek scoring program can be obtained through your department, or purchased from IU Printing Services. The answer sheets must be marked with #2 pencils only. There is no charge for scoring classroom tests.

Multi-Op Forms

Multi-Op is a course-instructor evaluation system used by many IUB departments. Instructors can select up to 35 items from a bank of 198 items, and include up to 15 self-written items. The Multi-Op Manual includes extended information about using this system, including:

  • An overview of the system
  • How to choose questions
  • Creating and ordering forms
  • Interpreting multi-op results

Getting Multi-Op Forms

Multi-Op standard forms, designed to apply to a broad range of disciplines and course types, and customized forms can be ordered at any time. However, all orders must be received before the last two weeks of classes each semester. Request Multi-Op forms using one of the following options:

Multi-Op Reports

Multi-Op users receive a report that tabulates responses to each item (other than open-ended questions.) The report also provides norms for comparison to a designated reference group and to IUB as a whole. BEST staff are available to consult with individual instructors or departments about appropriate course evaluation strategies, and interpreting evaluation reports.